New Jersey’s 37th Annual “Let’s Talk Adoption”sm Conference

Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Rutgers University Busch Campus Center
Coordinated by Concerned Persons for Adoption
Co-sponsored by the New Jersey Interagency Adoption Council and
Rutgers University School of Social Work


Proposals due date has been Extended until Saturday, December 1, 2018
The following topics were suggested by our 2018 attendees:
  • Ideas for running kids’ groups
  • Mental health/trauma issues of children
  • Clinical workshops for psychologists
  • How to find children available for adoption
  • Children of same sex parents
  • Issues of and resources for older child adoption
  • Issues of identity, school, attachment – especially for older adoptees
  • Effect of social media – pre- and post-adoption
  • Adoption and Loss – divorce, death, leaving home, relationships, infertility
The “Let’s Talk Adoption”sm conference is non-commercial, educational, non-profit conference coordinated entirely by volunteers. CPFA has no paid employees. The goal is to keep the registration fee low, and free admission is provided in deserving cases. We provide one annual scholarship to a student intending to work in child welfare. The conference operates on a break-even basis and the only sources of revenue are registration fees, a percentage of book sales, and small donations.
Our 2018 attendees commented that they wanted: examples, practical knowledge and available resources.

2019 Workshop Presenter Guidelines

  • You will need to bring your own computer/adapter for the LCD
  • We do not pay presenter fees, except for the keynote.
  • We can pay an occasional honorarium, or help with travel expenses, in special circumstances to unpaid volunteer organizations. This will be at the discretion of the conference committee.
  • Presenters are required to bring copies of their own handouts. CPFA will provide an estimate of the number of workshop attendees two weeks prior to the conference date.
  • Any book sales (authored by presenters) must be handled separately. No sales can take place during the workshop. We will contact you about how to proceed if your proposal is accepted.

Final Decisions

  • The conference committee has the sole right to reject any presenter, organization or material not considered to meet the educational/non-commercial spirit of the conference.

2019 Workshop Proposal Information

Each workshop proposal must be submitted via: Proposal Form. We may have several double (2 hour) slots for those topics that need more in depth, longer sessions. Please indicate if you need these. You will need to provide the following information for the proposal:
  1. Presenter’s name(s) and title(s) (i.e. MSW, LPC, PhD, MD)
  2. Presenter’s name/title as it should appear on your name tag
  3. Title of workshop
  4. Brief description of workshop (1 paragraph)
  5. Presenter’s contact information (email, telephone, mailing address)
  6. Targeted audience (pre- and/or post-adoptive parents, birth parents, foster parents, adult adoptees, social workers, medical professionals, child welfare workers, educators)
  7. AV needs
  8. Title and author of all books you plan to reference and/or recommend to attendees. We will make every attempt to order copies of these books so they will be available for sale at the conference.
Additionally, you will need to attach:
  1. Resume or CV for each presenter
  2. A timed outline of presentation (general)
  3. An outline of the workshop handout(optional)
To Print the Lets Talk Adoption Proposal Guidelines Click Here
*Each workshop proposal must be submitted individually.
Please note that all book sales must be handled through the conference bookseller. Book signing will occur at specified times during the conference in the book sales room (Books are not to be sold or signed in workshops.).
Questions regarding the workshop proposals can be directed to Kathryn Beard at or 917.216.3541.
“Every Child Deserves a Family” ~ Concerned Persons for Adoption ~ CPFA, PO Box 179, Whippany, NJ 07981